Board of Directors


Myles Thorpe

Kyle Heggie

Past President
Dave Zerr

Neil Rathgeber

Tim Mitschke
Franck Groeneweg
Martin Foerster
Bernard Bauche
Tyrall Finlayson
Blair Harris

Executive Director
Candace Mitschke-Hiller

Project Support
Deanna Yung

In memory of and a tribute to founding SaskFSA Board Director Ken Waldherr:
Ken was invaluable to our SaskFSA team. He believed it was important to work with all levels of government in order to ensure that the best policies and actions are taken to protect the interests of farmers and their land. That with the combined voices of like minded farmers we can keep agriculture in Saskatchewan on the right track towards continued growth while responsibly managing our water, land and wildlife resources.

Ken’s dedication to community and agriculture sets a standard for all of us to follow. Thank-you Ken, you will be greatly missed by many.