About SaskFSA

Our Vision

To advocate for progressive land and water management policy driven by agriculture landowners and supported by the citizens of Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan Farm Stewardship Association (SaskFSA), established in 2011 represents over 250 land owners cropping approximately 1.15 M acres and retaining over 210,000 additional acres as conservation acres (forage, wetland or upland habitat).

SaskFSA is dedicated to ensuring that the farmers’ viewpoint is considered when it relates to the ability to manage agricultural land to ensure that one can optimize efficiency while doing so in an environmentally acceptable and sustainable manner.


Our Mission

It is our intention to:

  • Work with government and regulatory agencies to create win-win land and water policy that is easy to understand and that benefits farmers and the environment.
  • Develop and communicate a cost / benefit analysis that demonstrates the importance of proper land and water management practices to the economy of Saskatchewan.
  • Engage, develop, and maintain positive relationships with all stakeholders interested in land and water management.
  • Be recognized as the leading source of information on land and water management practices and challenges in the province.


Empowering land policy for generations.

For more information please contact us.