Our Mission

 Managing our land & water resources to economically grow safe & abundant food for the world. 

Built for Farmers. By Farmers.

Saskatchewan Farm Stewardship Association, established in 2011 now has over 120 farm members cropping approximately 610,000 acres and retaining over 205,000 additional acres as environmentally sensitive.

Saskatchewan Farm Stewardship Association is an organization of like minded farmers who believe that more needs to be done to ensure economic viability and sustainability for agriculture in Saskatchewan.

We are dedicated to ensuring that the farmers’ viewpoint is considered when it relates to the ability to manage agricultural land to ensure that one can optimize efficiency while doing so in an environmentally acceptable and sustainable manner.

We want to ensure that when it comes to new policy and legislation for land use, that the farmer’s perspective is understood and accounted for.

We will continue to work with farmers and all levels of government to identify the benefits and costs of water management and conservation as well as other policies/legislation affecting agricultural land.

We will advocate for farmers to retain their ability to manage their resources to provide food for a growing world population.

We will continue to enroll new members throughout Saskatchewan to ensure that all land management issues are heard and understood by the public and government regulators.

This organization is directed and led by farmers for farmers.

For more information you may contact us.