Who is the SASKFSA?

The Saskatchewan Farm Stewardship Association (SaskFSA) is an association that promotes farmers’ viewpoints as they relate to agricultural management. As an organization run by farmers for farmers, the SaskFSA is dedicated to providing a strong and united voice for growers’ interests towards land use policy and legislation.
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The Saskatchewan Farm Stewardship Association is working hard for growers to:

  • Influence Water Use & Drainage policy
  • Lobby Government to ensure Land Use rights for generations
  • Advocate for the rights of Farmers
  • Educate the public about Agricultural Issues relevant to them

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Saskatchewan Plan for Growth

Too often enterprise-oriented governments appear to seek growth for the sake of growth. This is a mistake – one that can cause governments to lose focus and discipline. The Saskatchewan Plan for Growth is about that focus and discipline. It sets out the Government of Saskatchewan’s vision for a province of 1.2 million people by 2020.

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Cost Benefit of Organized Drainage

A cost benefit analysis of the Okabena Drainage Cooperative established in 2012 and the Madrid Conservation & Development Area established in 1975 was carried out. The setup costs, capital cost, yearly maintenance and operating costs of the projects were compared to the net gains in efficiency, and net return to the flooded area.

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The Conservation and Development Act

Chapter C-27
An Act to assist Conservation and Development of the Agricultural Resources of Saskatchewan

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